Filled with flourishes, the calligraphy in this suite mixed with a small and subtle font is playful and elegant. Various shades of blue contrast subtly and create a cohesive yet dynamic overall effect.

The design of the water invitation suites encompasses the push and pull of water and the kinetic nature of your relationship.

You can keep either of the two colorways shown here, or opt for your own.
All calligraphy will be done by hand, just for you.

When you purchase one of The Elements Collection invitation suites, you get a complimentary color consultation to help you decide what colors of ink and paper you’d like to use.


Water: WAVES

From light blue paper to stormy blue-gray and navy envelopes, the water suite mimics the depth and heights of the waves in the ocean.



With a classic crisp white and dark teal envelopes, this version of the water suite gives all the drama of a flowing stream.

Want to make the water suite yours?
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