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I'm Nika and you can often find me either at my desk, or in my reading chair. I'm constantly doing calligraphy or design work, even if it's not for a client. Or, I'm reading something from one of my six bookshelves (it's been said that I have a problem, but I disagree). Pulitzers and Victorian literature are my favorite, and I have a soft spot for books bound in linen.

My love for calligraphy and all things paper comes from my grandfather. He gave me my first fountain pen when I was in my early teens, and I remember always flipping through his collection of leather bound, marbled books when I would visit. Always in search of creative outlets, discovering calligraphy felt very natural for me.

Originally, I started to practice Copperplate, a classic calligraphy script. Since then, I've participated in the Modern Calligraphy Summit and have drawn inspiration from both vintage handwriting and a more modern approach when developing my different calligraphy styles.

I've spent the better part of two years of my life abroad, both living in France and taking every opportunity to see new places. Being able to pull inspiration from the landscapes, architecture, and art from Paris to Tibet gives me a unique design aesthetic. 

On the other hand, I'm a graduate student at Georgetown University, specializing in biosecurity issues. I love being able to think about national security during class, and come home at night to work on gorgeous wedding invitations. It's the best of both worlds!