My friendship with calligraphy has grown the more I have created different calligraphy scripts, designed invitations,
and written on every kind of surface possible (from magnolia leaves to figs to a twelve foot fabric banner).

Does any of that sound a bit baffling to you?
Let me let you in on a little secret…
You’re not supposed to have any clue about any of this.
That’s why I’m here.


My name is Nika, 

and I’m your calligraphette.

Your guide through the entire process of creating
the most perfect wedding invitations
you didn’t know you needed to be so beautiful.

They will perfectly capture of your love.
You will giddily send them out to your friends and family.
You will frame them.

I have no doubts.

Mad calligraphy skills? Check.
Fancy photo quality printer in my home studio? Check.
Ridiculous knowledge of all things paper
(ranging from chambray kozo to crane letra)?
Once again, Check.

For your wildest of wedding invitation dreams, I’ve got you covered.


Calligraphette & Co. Doing Calligraphy.JPG

A little bit more about me,
if you happen to be curious.

In my opinion, nowhere is better than Paris.

I’m a Francophone, and would love to chat over moules frites and cocktails at Le Diplomate.

A lot in my life has been inspired by my travels,
and last year I hit 25 countries.

Both my way of living and approaching my work
are formed by travels, from the jardin d’Eyrignac and the cave of Lascaux to the monasteries of Tibet.

And, last but not least, my long-term acquaintance with true love (I’ve been with mine for nearly 8 years)
has me convinced that nothing is better,
or more worth celebrating.


I love nothing more than elucidating wedding stationery for my clients, and guiding you (oh so naturally) through this process.

By the end, you’ll almost (but not quite) wish you had my job. I lick far too many envelopes. 

And, most importantly, you’ll have designed an invitation suite that looks nothing like you see in all those stationery stores.

From there, I will be your fairy godmother of paper, and will guide you with envelope samples, lots of sketches, and plenty of emails.
When it’s over, you’ll wish you could get married again (to the same person, of course)!

But don’t worry, I take care of my couples with a lifetime discount for any future services: baby shower invitations, custom-designed personal stationery, word mosaics, and calligraphy on anything you can throw my way!

Let's see what we can create together.

Because a quick chat on the phone is so much better than 15 emails...

Banner photo: D'Arcy Benincosa, photos of C & Co. outside: Audra Wrisley; photo of C & Co. in studio: Erin Tetterton