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Full service wedding stationery design,
from save the dates to place cards,
and all the fun in between.

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I care about my client’s experience working with me,
not just the end product.

Every question you have deserves an answer,
so wedding invitations aren’t just another thing on your
(oh so long) to do list.

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C & Co. isn't just about trends. 
I gather inspiration from my couples, what grounds their relationship, and their vision for their wedding.
Sprinkle in my obsession with paper, and the constant creative inspiration from my travels, and you have a recipe for original design.

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I pull from the traditional and classic,
but I’m not wed to one style of
calligraphy or invitation.

Nothing makes me happier than a couple who has some inspiration,
but needs a guide. 

Calligraphette & Co. Magnolia Rouge

"We met for coffee in a cute nearby shop, sitting by the fireplace just pouring out ideas, images, & colors. It impressed me just how prepared she was.
It felt as if she was truly listening and gathering all my thoughts to paper. I instinctively trusted her to run with my ideas and never had any regrets throughout the creative and technical processes.

Despite the chaos of wedding planning and planning my own events for work, Nika effectively kept us on a tight timeline. We had many late nights on Facetime discussing ideas down to the details (i.e. choosing between font thickness and flourishes). Now I’ve grown to miss these conversations, as throughout the process I felt like I had also grown a genuine friendship.

Nika is a truly talented and devoted to her craft. I would highly recommend her to create your invitations!"

- Jacqueline
whose wedding was featured in Magnolia Rouge


"I am over joyed and so elated. You are a truly talented artist. 


I am so pleased and I can not say enough kind words.
As I read your beautiful letter which I will keep forever, and touched the beautiful paper, I could feel the love that you put into this. I instantly fell in love with it.
I actually cried.... Yes! I did.
It is so magical, dreamy, elegant,
timeless, and everything I wanted."

- Elena


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Follow along the adventures of C & Co. as I do calligraphy, play with paper,
and share bits of inspiration on how my life and travels inspire my work.

Top Photography Credit: D'Arcy Benincosa
3 Photos in Row- Left: Shannon Moffit, Middle/Right: Manda Weaver
Jaqueline's Photo: Shannon Moffit, Elena's Photo: Belle Imagery Photography