The C & Co. Philosophy
It's just not the same without calligraphy... 

A wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration of a couple's love, and provides a unique experience to showcase their identity as a couple.


Some most frequently requested services include: 

Bespoke Invitation Design, Envelope Addressing, Wedding Day Signs and Details, Logo Design, and Custom Pieces for the Home

The C & Co. Process

The client is always the best part... 


Creative Constultation

After receiving an inquiry, I love to set up a creative consultation, where you fill me in on who you are as a couple, have a cup of tea (virtually or not!) and how I can help make your dream wedding come to life. These consultations are usually the highlight of my week because I love connecting with a couple, and the creative rush I get when they describe their vision. 

& revisions

Next, we move into sketches, revisions, and artwork. After the initial consultation, I take all of our ideas and turn them into a first sketch. From there we go back and forth to fully decide on design, calligraphy scripts, colors, paper, and printing. This process takes around a month, depending on both of our schedules. Rushing this process is the last thing I ever want to do, so make sure you have plenty of time to fully immerse yourself in the details! 

ALL by hand

Every step is handled by me + you, and no one else. I don't outsource any step of the process: from mixing ink, to scanning and editing artwork in photoshop, to flat printing. Too often, I see cheaper work being done because someone doesn't fully invest in taking the time to make their client's vision come to fruition. Custom work is about quality (of the work) over quantity (of time or money).  

Pricing for custom invitations varies greatly... 


Christopher and Anthony wanted a simple stationery suite, with a Save the Date, Invitation, and RSVP card for their intimate wedding of 50 guests.
Their budget was $500. 

Emma and John wanted a full stationery suite: Save the Date, Invitation, RSVP card, and envelope addressing for 150 guests.
This cost them around $1200.

Stephanie and Anna were very passionate about their stationery, and wanted to pull out all the stops. With their full invitation suite + venue map, they wanted a custom envelope liner, ribbon, wax seals, and envelope addressing.
For their wedding of 100 guests, this cost them $1800.