My name is Nika, and I’m your calligraphette.
Your guide through the process of creating your wedding invitations & other paper-y goodness.

Life as a calligrapher

One of the questions I’m most frequently asked by my clients is how I started doing calligraphy.
Let me tell you!

During my first semester of graduate school at Georgetown (studying National Security, of all things!) I was majorly stressed out.
Competition was fierce, the reading load was intense, and I was a mess.

Then, I saw a piece of art at a friend’s home.
A small framed photo of a quote, written so beautifully I could hardly believe it.
So, what happened next?
I Instagram-stalked the artist and bought myself the basic calligraphy kit at Michael’s.

Calligraphy got me through grad school.
Practicing every day was therapeutic and satisfying, but it wasn’t enough calligraphy for me!

So, I started a business doing envelope calligraphy and signs, making custom pieces, and eventually designing wedding invitations.
This was an amazing creative outlet to have during three years of hard schoolwork, and I wondered if maybe I wasn’t meant to do calligraphy every day of my life.

So, when I finished school, I decided to focus on my calligraphy business.
I didn’t apply to any jobs in my field (I looked of course, but didn’t see anything that would’ve made me happier than creating with my hands every day) and here I am! 


You + me

I love nothing more than creating beautiful things
out of ink & paper for my clients,
and guiding you (oh so naturally) through this process.

Whether you want a word mosaic to celebrate an anniversary,
wedding invitations on my handmade paper,
or a 20’ garage door turned into an escort card display
(no worries- I’ve done it before),

You’ll get something absolutely unique & meaningful
and will be supporting a local artist who loves what she does.

Mad calligraphy skills? Check.

Fancy photo quality printer in my home studio? Check.

Ridiculous knowledge of all things paper (ranging from chambray kozo to your classic crane letra)? Check.

Original ideas, not just taken from Pinterest?
You betcha.

Feel free to peruse The Elements Collection:
semi-custom invitation suites made (and priced) for the modern couple.

Or, if you’d like to make something new together, let’s set up a quick phone call to get started.
I can get you a quote within a day, and paper samples in your hand almost as quickly.

Photography: Brooke Schultz