Supplies to Buy for Calligraphy Club


If you’d like to give calligraphy a go, here is my list of recommended supplies! Plaza Art is my favorite brick & mortar art store, but they have an online shop as well.

I’ve linked the 5 things you’ll need to start doing calligraphy:

  1. Black Sumi Ink
    This is a (very) permanent, silky smooth black ink. It will take some time to figure out how to properly dip your pen and get the ink to flow well, so be patient!

  2. Nibs
    My favorite nibs are Hunt 101: they’re flexible, so you can make thick downstrokes, but delicate and thin upstrokes. Before using them, be sure to wash them with a little dish soap to get the factory seal off- otherwise your ink won’t stay!

  3. Oblique Pen Holder
    There are a lot of lovely (and expensive) pen holders out there, but to start, you should definitely get the Speedball holder!

  4. Rhodia Paper
    My favorite paper to practice on- it’s so smooth and makes practice so much fun.

  5. Tombow Brush pen in Black or the color of the year, Coral
    Most of the time, when people pick up the pointed pen or a brush pen, they have an immediate preference. One or the other feels more natural, makes more sense with how you write. So, I recommend getting a Tombow pen (in a fun color!) to test out. It’s a cheap way to ensure that you’re moving forward with the right tools!


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Calligraphy Club meets once a month, and I also offer private lessons to supplement your learning!